"Recent surveys by our customers rate us with a 98% total customer satisfaction! Before you decide on new flooring, I invite you to visit our showroom on Denbigh Boulevard. You'll see what keeps customers coming back."
-Steve Ward
President of Eastern Floor Covering

"Thank you so much for the wonderful help and now installation of my carpet. My family room looks wonderful and the three gentlemen who installed the carpet did such a great job."
C. Forgeng
Newport News

"We first used Eastern Floor Covering a couple of decades ago when we where building our home.  They expertly installed all of the carpet and vinyl flooring.  Only a year after being in the house, we had a water leak in the kitchen, and the entire vinyl floor had to be replaced.  Eastern worked with the insurance company to replace the flooring, to include any floor repairs needed, again doing an outstanding job with everything.

In early 2011, our dishwasher was found to be leaking, and our entire kitchen floor had to be replaced.  We decided to make a switch to tile, and the insurance company provided us with a list of preferred vendors do to the size of the job.  We immediately informed them that we wanted to use Eastern, because we knew they would definitely stand behind their work and materials used.  The insurance company reluctantly agreed, but said we would have to be responsible for dealing with Eastern directly for the installation and any resulting issues.  So of course we selected Eastern again to do this work.

Our beautiful new tile floor was installed that Spring, and then disaster ensued.  Less than six months after installation the grout began to crack and come loose in various areas.  Steve's team came out and thought it was a bad lot of grout, so they dug out all of the old grout and replaced it.  Several months later, the grout was cracking again…..further disaster.  Without hesitation, Steve came out with the installation team to examine to floor.  They pulled up a tile and found a problem with an underlayment product (which they no longer use).  Standing behind their work completely, and now a full two plus years later, Eastern pulled up all of the tile and underlayment, and re-installed the entire job in expert fashion once again.

What more can be said?

When a company says they guarantee their work and products used, customers need to have faith they mean what they say.  Sadly that is not always the case. We can definitely attest to the fact that Eastern Floor Covering will stand behind their guarantees, and they will stay with the job until you are completely satisfied.

That's a guarantee that's surely worth your next flooring investment!"
-Seth and Diane Bahr, Yorktown, VA 

"Just a note to let you know that your vinyl team and your carpet team did exactly what we've come to expect. They arrived promptly on time, moved around the rooms with an almost choreographed precision, were quiet and efficient, and didn't stop till the job was completed. Ther was minimal displacement and virtually no interruption of our schedule. Beyond the installation, the carpet team laid our stero wires under the carpet so that they became invisible, vacuumed before they left and closely inspected the edges for neatness. The vinyl team replaced some hard-to-reach quarter round (I elected to do the quarter round myself) and created a very custom-look transition piece between the kitchen vinyl and family room carpet. They were all friendly and courteous.

So, you see, Steve, you never have to compete for our business. I've learned that it costs more to cut corners and pinch pennies than to rely on a professional and experienced team of professionals to get it right the first time. Businesses can enter a market with flashy ads and low prices, but to stay successful in that market requires building a reputation for quality. Maybe one in ten satisfied clients will sing your praises, but the ones who went elsewhere to save money and ended up with poor worksmanship and sub-standard flooring will tell everyone they meet."
-R. Lewis

"I read about Eastern Floor Covering on the Internet and am delighted to be able to say that nothing could have been done or changed to make my experience a more enjoyable one!"
-M. Maimone

"Chip was very professional and knowledgeable, patient, and very pleasant to work with. Took the time to make sure we were satisfied with everyhing that was going to be done."

-J. Silva

“One of the BEST companies and people I have ever worked with!!! More companies/businesses should run like Eastern Floor. Neale and Chip are wonderful guys to deal with respectful, helpful, and very knowledgeable. I will continue to use and recommend Eastern Floor. Quality work!! Love the Floors!!”
-M. Massie, Williamsburg

“I would venture to say your installers are the best in the business. I have yet to see any flaws in their workmanship.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Sorrels, Hampton

“We will definitely be returning customers. We can’t wait to get our whole house done now.”
-A. Moys, Newport News

“Your company and installation crew have earned my respect and I would recommend you in a New York minute. Thanks for doing an awesome job and respecting my time.”
-D. and M. Steppe, Yorktown